Client Relationship Manager

Jarryd enjoys working with the Portfolio Solutions® Financial Advisor team to help provide clients with a personalized experience. Prior to working at Portfolio Solutions®, Jarryd worked for the United States Department of Justice as an attorney in the Civil Frauds Division and spent time as a private attorney. He brings years of experience analyzing and organizing complex issues and details, while communicating them to others as easily understood concepts. Jarryd is an advocate of the index investing philosophy and fiduciary standard practiced by Portfolio Solutions®. He believes our approach best serves our clients and allows them to focus on achieving their long-term financial goals. 

Jarryd attended the George Washington University Law School. He earned bachelor’s degrees in both political science and history from the University at Buffalo. Jarryd passed the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Exam in 2019, and is working towards becoming a Financial Advisor.  

Areas of Experience:
⦁    Client Relationship Management
⦁    Account Distributions and Contributions
⦁    Account Openings and Transfers
⦁    Cash Requests
⦁    Required Minimum Distributions
⦁    Legal & Compliance
⦁    Due Diligence
⦁    Business Strategy