With more than 600 clients across nearly all 501 states, Portfolio Solutions® delivers innovative ways to communicate with you.

Our aim is to communicate proactively with you about your investments, your financial needs, and your goals. Our PS Client Portal is user friendly and allows clients easy access to their quarterly statements and other important communications from us. It also includes their secure document vault which they can use to store vital personal documents such as copies of passports, real estate deeds, estate plan documents, etc. The Client Portal is accessible online and on our Mobile & Tablet App, which is available for Apple and Android devices. We provide clients an easy-to-use Video Conferencing application called Zoom which creates in-person experiences from afar. When our team hits the road, we’re always looking to meet with clients in person. We love getting to know them at their homes or any other location convenient for them. 

Of course, email, phone calls, and visits by you to our Troy, Michigan office are always available and welcomed.

1 Portfolio Solutions® has clients in 44 states and the District of Columbia 
(as of 4/15/21).