Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


To Our Valued Clients & Prospective Clients: 

Portfolio Solutions® has changed in many ways to serve you better over the years. While our index investing philosophy, fiduciary standard of care as a federally Registered Investment Adviser and commitment to keeping your costs and taxes to a minimum are at the core of our culture, we believe in looking for ways to deliver more value to you beyond those important factors. 

We currently have the privilege of serving more than 600 clients*, and many of you have rapidly-evolving financial needs. As your wealth grows (we currently manage more than $1.45 billion of your investable assets*), retirement age moves closer, and next generation family members develop their own investing needs, we are being called on to help. 

In the past, our capabilities were often limited outside of the accounts you placed with Portfolio Solutions® for investment management. Now, as your needs are changing, our capabilities to serve you are also growing. We’ve even found ways to reduce overall costs for many of you, especially related to our custodial and trading practices. We believe this is the very definition of a good value, and an important resource for your family. 

Some of the changes we’ve been making include: 

  • More experienced advisors, CFAs, CFP®s working as a team together to assist you with multiple minds concentrating on your financial future. It gives us diversity of thought and experience. 
  • New financial and wealth planning advice capabilities. 
  • Analyzing your entire wealth profile (beyond accounts managed by Portfolio Solutions®) and tailoring our solutions to meet your overall needs. 
  • Expanded tax-awareness strategies, including tax loss harvesting services. 
  • Cybersecurity and technology investments. We have a focus on securing your personal information and delivering services efficiently with our technology and supporting team. Particularly important is cybersecurity. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission recently commented that “the scope and severity of risks that cyber threats present have increased dramatically." 
  • Municipal bond and other bond ladder strategies available when appropriate. 
  • Friends and family – extending our services to people who are important to you, even if they do not meet our minimum investable assets of $500,000. We are now able to provide services customized to your extended family and circle of friends, with solutions based on overall assets under management. We feel this is an important way to educate others about the benefits of index investing and help develop the financial well-being of those you care about. 
  • Tone at the top – for those who have met me, you know that I have a personal commitment to Servant Leadership and placing your needs as my top priority. I especially enjoy leading and building our team of committed professionals to do the same. 

Stay tuned for more changes to help you, your family and friends and to grow your portfolio. 

With Sincere Gratitude, 


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