The Portfolio Solutions® Investment Committee has important governance responsibilities in assuring the successful management of our clients’ portfolios. Our Investment Committee is comprised of experienced and credentialed investment professionals working as a team to manage your investments and to research and evaluate the constantly evolving financial landscape. Our Investment Committee also serves to further ensure the execution of our firm’s fiduciary duty to our clients. While not exhaustive, following are some of the functions our Investment Committee performs: 

  • Ensures consistent interpretation and execution of our investment philosophy
  • Imposes discipline on and provides oversight of the investment management process
  • Reviews asset allocation and portfolio construction decisions
  • Performs due diligence on Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Mutual Funds, asset classes, forecasts and asset allocations
  • Reviews the investment performance of every portfolio quarterly and researches reasons for any deviation from the portfolio’s performance benchmark if necessary
  • Provides continuing education and accurate information on market events to Portfolio Solutions® team members and clients



Another important feature of the Portfolio Solutions® Investment Committee is that it ensures investment decision-making rests with more than a single individual. Our committee provides not only continuity, but also a more measured approach to decision-making. Portfolio Solutions® takes it a step further by gathering a broad perspective on investment decisions. We do this by opening discussions to include the very different perspectives of various members of our team. We make sure that all constituencies – research, financial planning, trading, the voice of the client – are represented when we make investment decisions.

(left to right); Suzana Bogoevska, CFA, CFP®; James Gladney; John Bergmann, CPA, CFP®;
Anthony Watson, CFA, CFP® (Chair); (not pictured) R. Michael Parry, CFP®; Annette A. VanderLinde, MBA, CWS®, AIF®



Anthony Watson, CFA, CFP®, MBA (Chief Investment Officer and Chairman of the Committee)

James S. Gladney (Chairman & Chief Executive Officer)

John Bergmann, CPA, CFP® (President & Chief Compliance Officer)

Suzana Bogoevska, CFA, CFP®(Director of Wealth Planning)

R. Michael Parry, CFP® (President, Liberty Wealth Advisors)

Annette A. VanderLinde, MBA, CWS®, AIF® (Chief Client Officer)