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Nicole Milici |

Key Principles to Improve Your Odds of Success:


Stock market volatility is increasing as a result of the market’s ongoing struggle between economic fundamentals and the growing concern over a future recession.  After ten years of economic expansion, investors should not be surprised by this type of volatility at this point in the business cycle.  Whether sooner or later, a recession is the next step in the business cycle.  It will come, it will go, and it will then usher in the next economic expansion.  The reality is no one knows when this will happen, nor the course markets will take when it does.  It is precisely those investors trying to “bet” on these factors that are causing the elevated levels of volatility we are seeing.  While it can be hard to focus on a long-term view when bombarded by headlines speculating on yield-curve inversion, trade tensions, rising interest rates and slowing growth, it is exactly what investors must do to avoid potential pitfalls and maximize their odds of success.  


Following is a piece that summarizes several of the key principles investors should keep in mind to help them stay focused on the long-term picture. As always, if you have any questions or would like to speak with your financial advisor about your situation, please reach out to us at (800) 448-3550!





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