Portfolio Solutions® appoints Bret Mulvaney as Associate Financial Advisor

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Portfolio Solutions® is pleased to announce the appointment of Bret Mulvaney as Associate Financial Advisor.

Bret has over a decade of experience as a Financial Planner committed to providing clients with wealth planning tailored to their unique long-term financial goals.

He is a forward-thinking professional with deep technical expertise in estate planning, tax planning, retirement planning, and insurance, with a particular focus on developing strong, long-lasting relationships with clients. Bret appreciates the team approach that Portfolio Solutions® takes towards providing clients with comprehensive wealth planning services.

Prior to joining Portfolio Solutions®, Bret served as a Financial Planner working with clients both remotely and in person. In addition to extensive experience designing comprehensive financial plans, he enjoys sharing his knowledge and has taught classes he developed to educate others on various financial planning topics.

Bret is excited to join a dynamic, expanding, nationally distributed team.

“I’m thrilled to be working with an elite team that proudly adheres to a Servant Leadership philosophy,” Bret said. “With my background in financial planning and a military service career prior to that, I place a high value on Servant Leadership, and I look forward to applying that to my daily work with our valued clients.”

“Bret Mulvaney is a fantastic addition to our expanding team,” said James S. Gladney, Chairman & CEO of Portfolio Solutions®. “We continue to strengthen our team and increase our level of sophistication in order to provide our clients nationwide with unparalleled service.”

Portfolio Solutions® has extensive experience operating in a virtual office environment with our clients, who currently reside in nearly all 50 states. We have teammates in nine states, working from our offices or remotely. We believe this trend is here to stay and seek to continue adding the best talent available regardless of physical location.

“Our remote service model is perfect for meeting our clients’ needs,” said Bret. “We’re able to meet with them via videoconference or in person - in the ways that are most convenient to them – providing financial wellbeing and allowing our clients to dedicate their focus and energy to what matters most for them.”

Portfolio Solutions® takes pride in our Servant Leadership culture and dedication to serving our clients and each other. We’re also enthusiastic about our dynamic, energizing work environment. We are growing in response to the increasing demand for our wealth planning services. If you are an experienced financial professional passionate about helping clients achieve their long-term financial goals, and love working in a team-based environment with exciting opportunities for personal growth and career advancement, you may be a great fit to join the Portfolio Solutions® team.

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