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Who We Are

Portfolio Solutions® has been offering investors a low-cost, low-fee investment management solution since 1999. Our long-standing and enduring commitment to indexing strategies has helped to establish our reputation as a leader in the industry, with more than $1 billion* in client investment assets under management.

Our mission statement

The mission of Portfolio Solutions® is to help investors achieve the highest probability and confidence in meeting their financial goals by developing low-cost investment strategies using index funds.

Portfolio Solutions® At-A-Glance

Corporate Headquarters
Troy, Michigan
Total Client Assets Under Management
More than $1.2 billion*
Number of Employees
20 (as of April 2013)
SEC Registration
SEC registered in all 50 states, plus U.S. territories
Mailing Address

900 Wilshire Dr, Suite 200

Troy, MI 48084

*As of 01/04/2013