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ConfidenceMapTM Portfolio

Your Investment Specialist can now utilize information from your ConfidenceMap™ Plan to develop your ConfidenceMap™ Portfolio, which will detail your asset allocation as well as the level of risk necessary to achieve your financial goals.

Once your ConfidenceMap™ Portfolio has been determined, Portfolio Solutions® will be ready to implement your investment strategies. We will begin managing your portfolio of investment assets with the strong discipline and daily dedication that are necessary to keep you on track to reach your financial goals.

Your ConfidenceMap™ Portfolio consists of the following:

  1. Implementation of the asset allocation defined in your ConfidenceMap™.

  2. Monitoring your account(s) and rebalancing assets when necessary in order to maintain your appropriate level of risk.

  3. Regular progress reporting on your investments.

  4. Updating asset allocations based upon major life changes.


Learn more about how Portfolio Solutions® constructs portfolios in this Anatomy of a Portfolio section.