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ConfidenceMapTM Plan

Asset allocation is one of the biggest determinants of whether or not you will reach your financial goals. Selecting the correct mix of assets (stocks and bonds) that has the highest probability of meeting your financial goals – while maintaining an appropriate level of risk – is a complicated task. That’s why the ConfidenceMap™ Plan is such a critical component in our investment management process.

You also need to be able to clearly answer the question: Why am I investing? We need to understand why you are investing, in order to determine the level of risk and return necessary for you to be confident in your plan.

An experienced Investment Specialist will work closely with you to gather the information necessary to make these critical decisions. Topics that you will discuss include:


» Assets:
A complete inventory of your investment assets is necessary in order to understand your overall financial situation.


» Savings:
Annual savings expected between now and the foreseeable future in all accounts.


» Spending:
Annual spending at this time and future changes you anticipate.


» Timing:
When funds will need to be accessed for your goals (e.g. retirement) and for how long (time horizon).


» Legacy:
Specific legacy plans with investment assets.


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