Defining Confidence™
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Our Process

A successful lifelong investment experience hinges on three critical steps: the development of a practical investment plan, the full implementation of that plan, and the discipline to maintain the plan in good times and bad. If you create a good plan and follow it, your probability of meeting your long-term financial goals increases significantly.

The Path to Confidence

That’s where our proprietary ConfidenceMap™ comes in. Prepared after careful consideration of your personal financial situation, your ConfidenceMap™ describes what asset allocation strategies will be used to achieve your long-term financial goals and will guide all future decisions regarding your investment accounts. Your ConfidenceMap™ also provides focus and the discipline to maintain your plan, while providing a day-to-day roadmap for our team to follow while monitoring and managing your investment assets.

There are two main components to your ConfidenceMap™: the Plan and the Portfolio.

Updating your ConfidenceMapTM

Updating your ConfidenceMap™ is a major decision. Updates require the same deep thinking and even-handed judgment originally used to create your ConfidenceMap™. They should not be made in times of duress.

There are four notable reasons to update your ConfidenceMap™:

  1. Your financial needs change, such as spending and savings levels;
  2. A rise in financial markets puts your portfolio value closer to your financial goals;
  3. A decline in financial markets puts your portfolio value further away from your goals;
  4. Estate planning considerations change.

Portfolio Solutions® relies on you to inform us about any major financial life changes that may impact your ConfidenceMap™. When these instances arise, our Investment Specialists will review your situation and guide you in making any necessary updates.