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Our management fee at Portfolio Solutions® is only 0.37% per year for your first $3 million in assets under management, and decreases even further to just 0.20% for assets over $3 million.* This management fee is the only source of revenue for our company — Portfolio Solutions® does not receive any commissions or bonuses on the investments that we use in your accounts. There are no start-up fees, no annual administration fees and no hidden costs, all fees are transparent.

Be confident that more of your money is working for you.
A typical investment manager charges fees of 1% per year on average. That’s much too high given the technological advances in the investment management industry over the past 20 years. High investment manager fees persist because the public doesn’t know that a low-cost solution has been available at Portfolio Solutions® for more than a decade.

Portfolio Solutions® provides all clients with the highest quality service. We are committed to keeping your total investment cost very low so you benefit as much as possible from the income and growth provided by the global financial markets.

Total cost includes our low management fee, mutual fund expenses, and trading costs. We select only low-cost mutual funds and ETFs for client portfolios. These funds are meticulously researched for the best overall asset class representation at the lowest expense. We have also negotiated low trading costs with Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. so that transactions fees are not lowering your returns. We believe our in-depth research, commitment to low costs, and high client service provides you with an unbeatable value.

*A total relationship value below $1 million is subject to a $925 minimum quarterly fee in lieu of the 0.37% annual management fee.

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