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Five Reasons to Trust Us

  1. We helped create the low-cost, low-fee investment management industry.

    Portfolio Solutions® was one of the first companies to offer a low-cost, low-fee investment strategy to the public using index funds. Our long-standing and enduring commitment to indexing strategies has helped to establish our reputation as a leader in the industry with more than $1 billion in client investment assets under management (as of 01/18/2012).

  2. Rick Ferri BooksWe wrote the book on the “tight-fisted” approach to investing.

    Rick Ferri, founder of Portfolio Solutions®, has authored six best-selling books on topics such as index funds, ETFs, asset allocation, portfolio management and investment strategy. Rick also writes a biweekly blog for as “The Indexer.”

  3. Our Investment Committee is composed of experienced industry professionals.Featured in NYT, Money, Barrons, WSJ

    Other investment managers often provide portfolios based on strategies that other financial professionals have created. However, the experienced professionals at Portfolio Solutions® create our investment strategies. You can find many of our strategies referenced in leading publications, such as The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Money and The New York Times.

  4. Straight-forward and transparent fees.

    Portfolio Solutions® is a fiduciary, which means that we will always act in your best interest as your trusted investment manager. Unlike many other investment professionals, we do not receive any commissions or bonuses based on our investment products. Therefore, we will always create an unbiased investment solution that best suits you.

  5. Your money is held at an independent custodian.
    Charles Schwab

    The investment assets we manage for you are held in your name by independent qualified custodian Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.. Portfolio Solutions® only has limited authorization to trade securities with discretion (based on your ConfidenceMap™) and deduct our quarterly management fee from the account under management. We have no other access or authority to your account(s).